Dismantling Vindictiveness by Lillian R. Melendez

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A high-stakes game of sinister conspiracies, greed, and murder plays out in Melendez’s debut suspense thriller set in Philadelphia. OSG Architects, a flourishing architect firm, suddenly begins to see a downward spiral. The market is hit by recession, and to stay afloat, Oscar, OSG’s owner, decides to merge with another Architect firm. But the downward spiral continues. Soon, it becomes clear that there’s more to firm’s downfall than the extensive slump in the market. The stakes rise when an employee is found murdered. Melendez employs enough foreshadowing to keep the suspense rolling, and her large cast of characters adds humanistic layer to the book’s high-tension incidents. However, stiff dialogue and occasional plot improbabilities mar the reading experience. The issues of widespread recession and job loss make the story thoroughly relevant in today’s pandemic-hit world. Full of interesting characters and simple but resonant plotline, this suspense thriller will appeal to novice thriller readers.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Dismantling Vindictiveness

By Lillian R. Melendez

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Black Rose Writing

Pub date October 27, 20111

ISBN 978-1612960647

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Short Reviews, Suspense and Thriller

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