Where Is My Home? by Joan Romney Groves

Thoughtful and inclusive… A winner.

Groves explores belonging and acceptance through this poignant, expertly crafted tale which is based on a true story. Born to be wild, Sonic, a little kitten, loves his freedom too much to be content being someone’s pet. He is anything but nice to people, including children. When an opportunity arises to be free, Sonic leaps on the chance and begins his journey of independence. But he soon learns that the freedom doesn’t mean anything when there is no home to return to at the end of day. Battling harsh weather, hunger, feral animals, loneliness, and despair, Sonic travels several towns over the course of nine months and arrives back home. Groves draws a full portrait of Sonic’s life on streets as he battles various elements on his way back home. All the characters, including the Jakes family members feel utterly realistic, and Groves’s crisp prose captures the miserable feeling of isolation and the sheer despair that one feels after getting lost in the big wide world with no one to call one’s own. Groves succeeds in cleverly weaving together a simple story line and heartfelt facts about making mistakes, regret, loneliness, grief, and importance of family and home within lyrical verse. Sonic’s plight will teach readers a valuable lesson about the significance of family and home. The personality-laden, soft-colored illustrations, earnest prose, and intriguing premise should appeal to kids and parents alike. Readers will close the book with a sense of satisfaction. The book deserves to be on both school libraries and all young reader’s book shelves.

Where Is My Home?

by Joan Romney Groves

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Pageturner Press and Media

Pub date September 22, 2020

ISBN 978-1649083425

Price $17.21 (USD) Paperback, $2.49 Kindle edition $22.71 Hardcover

Age range: Baby – 12 years

Categories: Children's Fiction

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