Live Your Purpose: A Step by Step Guide on How to Live Your Best Life by Rick Heyland

Fresh and truly transformative…

Heyland, a highly rated management consultant and senior business leader, offers this insightful and inspiring advice aimed at helping readers to grow and live a purposeful life. Defining purpose as “the reason you were created: it is your ultimate why,” Heyland says, “A purpose statement is your life objective and intention.” He generously shares his own experiences, including unexpected setbacks, failures, and his discovery and creation of the purpose statement for the first time during his younger years that helped put him onto a path of focus, fulfillment, and eventually financial independence. He blends key aspects of management such as setting up goals, defining roles, and efficient use of time management with acute understanding of psychology and spirituality. The purpose is that readers begin to see what success really means to them and how steadily working toward their goals will put them onto a path of true happiness and contentment. This is no superficial reflection: Heyland walks the reader through stepwise process polished over years of continuous improvement, including identifying one’s most important roles, building an integrated life management system, setting goals, daily and weekly planning, overcoming setbacks and stress among others. The application exercise containing key questions for journaling at the end of each chapters and the lessons learned section with tips and ideas help readers to keep track of their progress. This book skillfully reminds us that having titles, power, riches doesn’t mean anything. The real success is when you wake up every morning and work toward your dreams. Hayland’s guide may inspire many readers to view their life purpose in new light.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Live Your Purpose

A Step by Step Guide on How to Live Your Best Life

By Rick Heyland

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Pub date October 9, 2020


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $8.99 Paperback

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