Exordium (Tempus #1) by S.N. Jones


Jones conjures an immersive fantasy world in this excellent debut, the first in the Tempus series. Vita, a royal in the Kongeorn clan, is forced to take the command of her clan as their queen after a dark omen of revenge threatens her family and the lands of Jordklode, Oeste, and Ungula. Trying to deal with the aftermath of a family tragedy, Vita must wage a war against darkness while confronting her own demons. The story grows twisty at every turn, and Jones’s acute examination of her characters’ inner trauma, self-doubts, fears, and guilt imparts the narrative both depth and intrigue. Vita, with her strength and compassion, even when the personal cost is high makes for a memorable protagonist. The depiction of trauma is hard-hitting. The grand landscape of Jordklode serves as an evocative backdrop for characters obsessed with lust for power, love, duty, and war. With its well-shaded characters, detailed worldbuilding, and tight plotting, the novel makes for a cozy flight of fancy one can curl with on a chilly evening.


(Tempus #1)

By S.N. Jones

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Pub date September 2, 2020


Price $6.15 (USD) Kindle edition, $19.99 Paperback

Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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