Resurrection: A Supernatural Downfall by Rob Lockett

Dark and intriguing…

The bizarre and uncanny riff on mortality in Lockett’s engrossing debut supernatural thriller. Smart and practical Adam, a native Australian and global backpacker, is content for the time being to make a living as a bartender in Southern England, but unexpected circumstances force him to make a deal with a dark entity. What begins as a simple deal, offering a chance at new life takes an uncanny turn into the supernatural, starting a series of events that will set off a chain of terrifying incidents in both the UK and the USA. Lockett creates a sense of menace and intimacy through the supernatural force as it slowly encircles Adam into its web of darkness and deceit. The mystery of hovering darkness is drawn out gradually until it becomes a fully fleshed-out character in itself. Adam is deeply realized, relatable character, and his eventual fate won’t be easily forgotten by the reader. Lovers of supernatural will be intrigued.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.


A Supernatural Downfall

By Rob Lockett

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Pub date march 29, 2020


Price $5.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $18.50 Paperback

Categories: Paranormal/Supernatural

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