Finding Our Niche: Toward A Restorative Human Ecology by Philip A. Loring

Thoughtful, instructive, and comprehensive…

In this beautifully written, revealing book, Loring explores the rigid hierarchy of human rankings that has shaped the history of civilization and displays how in favor of a more sustainable and just vision for the future, we can still change our lives by reconciling our damaging colonial histories and vast environmental missteps. Through an immersive, deeply researched narrative and stories about real people, Loring offers a masterly portrayal of colonists’ sovereignty over the indigenous people, examining how the world today, from Amazon to Alaska and throughout has been shaped by white supremacy and colonialism. He documents how the settler sovereignty emerged with the rise of white supremacy, religious belief, and the notion of statehood and manifest destiny. He discusses how the distorted logic that drives the system of human rankings, turned the indigenous population into the bottom rung of the ladder for the white supremacists. Finally, he suggests ways through which the humanity can move beyond the derogatory separation of human divisions, toward hope in our mutual humanity. Using fascinating, real life examples (the clam gardeners in British Columbia, the protectors of an accidental wetland in northwest Mexico, the use of the system of Burren winterage by cattle ranchers in Ireland to preserve the area’s archeological and cultural heritage), he shows that reconciliation is possible. He argues that the respectful communication with indigenous people is the key to achieve a balanced goal. This is timely and relevant book that features a sympathetic perspective on reconciliation, environmental sustainability, and pathways toward environmental restoration.

Finding Our Niche: Toward A Restorative Human Ecology

By Philip A. Loring

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Pub date December 15, 2020

ISBN 978-1773632872

Price $27.00 (USD), $26.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Non Fiction

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