The Starbugz save the Earth by David Jaraiz Sanchez

A must-have for young readers’ bookshelves…

Ingenious and filled with moments of fun and excitement, Sanchez’s playful ode to environmental crisis is thoroughly addictive. Six space bugs, Kumo, Suzu, Bika, Jiro, Mogu, and Iwa are on their way to take a trip across galaxies when their asteroid spaceship malfunctions, leaving them stuck on the Earth. But instead of greenery and beauty, the ugly looking, hot planet is piles deep in garbage. What will the travelers do? The rhymed text accompanied by brightly colored drawings of the spaceship, galaxies, and earth shape an inclusive portrait of space travel along with the wonder and anticipation related to it. The bugs are cute as a button. Sanchez ends the story on a hopeful note how a small group of people have power to make a difference as he accessibly dives into ecological themes of the rising temperatures and the balance of nature. Little readers will be glad to accompany the adorable starbugz on their thrilling journey.

The Starbugz save the Earth

By David Jaraiz Sanchez

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Pub date November 2, 2020

ISBN 978-1525578083

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback, $18.49 Hardcover, $4.03 Kindle edition

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