The Little Breadwinner: War and Survival in the Salvadoran Heartland by Lucia Mann

A deeply engrossing, devastating tale of war and survival…

Mann blends individual struggles and horrors of war, producing a compact tale of survival in her remarkable latest. El Salvador is at the brink of collapse with the military-led government at war with the left-wing Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front. The human right violations happen in broad daylight. Traumatized by the horrors orchestrated by the National Guard soldiers outside her pueblo home, Estrella Godwin Lozano takes up arms and joins the Sandinistas to seek revenge. Mann’s writing is intelligent and precise, and she skillfully conveys the grisly hopelessness that pervades her characters’ lives. Morality and corruption, compassion and cruelty, supernatural and ordinary, kindness and insanity, all find a place in the affecting narrative. The characters’ struggles to survive are tenderly and beautifully portrayed. This engrossing tale of one woman’s relentless struggles for survival against the backdrop of a country devastated by civil war is impossible to put down.

The Little Breadwinner

War and Survival in the Salvadoran Heartland

By Lucia Mann

Aperion Books

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Price $15.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.50 Kindle edition

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