Night Ghost by Nick C. Brady

Engrossing and entertaining…

Brady’s latest follows the misadventures of a curious group of junior high school friends, who find themselves entrapped in a dangerous conspiracy where spooky ghosts and vengeful monsters become almost real. For the junior high school friends Suellen, Brandon, and Slim and Suellen’s younger brother Andre, the abandoned cemetery on their way home from school holds a fascinating attraction with sinister stories floating around its origin. Deciding to investigate the authenticity of the menacing ghost story, the group decides to trespass one night. But they trespass upon more than just the lonely graves of the dead. After escaping the terrorizing situation, the real trouble begins. The tension builds as the teenagers find themselves being stalked, preyed upon, and terrorized by an enigmatic figure. Soon, it becomes clear that the danger threatening their lives was more real than they originally thought it to be. Brady’s smoothly paced narration pulls readers into a spooky and engrossing story of adolescent adventure and intrigues. Suellen’s struggles with her fears, insecurities, and her exasperation at Andre’s behavior make her thoroughly realistic, flesh-and-blood character. That she maintains a brave front despite her inner fear serves to render her individual struggles even more touching. The other protagonists are sketched with equal authenticity, and Brady successfully channel their inner quirks and trepidations. Brady’s prose is simple, and he skillfully keeps the tension ripe throughout with surprising revelations and plenty of suspense in the back. This is an entertaining, well-paced middle grade thriller.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Night Ghost

By Nick C. Brady

Neverland Publishing Company, LLC

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Pub date December 11, 2016


Price $4.94 (USD) Kindle edition, $10.95 Paperback

Categories: Middle Grade

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