Zimbabwe Safari: A Memoir by Tim Good

An entertaining, eloquent memoir…

In this enjoyable memoir and adventure guide, Good takes readers on a whirlwind tour of the rugged wilderness of Zimbabwe, sharing the story of his successful hunting trip taken there. The narrative follows Good through his adolescent years and his fascination with hunting from a young age, his trip to Zimbabwe to realize his life-long dream of hunting the Big 5, including buffalo, elephant, leopard, and lion, ending with the recollections of several hunting trips he took in USA. He traces his passion for hunting to his mother’s side of family, the Thorntons, who had extensive background in hunting, fishing, and trapping in the wilds of Missouri. He sets off into the wilderness of Zimbabwe to fulfill his lifelong ambition after going through a rigorous physical training to become physically fit. Good covers everything from the methods of African Wildlife hunting—spot-and-stalk, tracking, baiting, calling, getting lucky, and tracking using packs of dogs to various do’s and don’ts of hunting excursions in Africa. He writes with authority about his various experiences: there are hunts of leopard, cape buffalo, African wild elephant and a rouge elephant, impala, greater kudu, nyala, bushbuck, Egyptian geese along with the tiny ten, the ten species of very small antelope that live throughout Africa. The hunting excursions in USA include elk hunting in Utah and wolf hunting in Wyoming. The book also covers an enormous amount of historical and scientific information. Lavishing his narrative with stunning colorful shots of his wildlife trophies taken in Zimbabwe and USA, he creates an intimate portrait, full of glimpses of the exotic African wildlife and hunting excursions, episodes chronicled with a natural affinity for the telling detail. The best parts of the book will engage hunting aficionados, as Good recounts his various exhilarating hunting excursions including the tracking, shooting, and butchering of the animal (and the whole process of turning a living creature into steak and sausage). With sheer honesty, he talks about his novice mistakes despite being an experienced outdoorsman and hunter that could have cost him his life during the hunting. Good’s writing is simple and moves at a leisurely pace, but the impact is immediate. Good writes affectingly about moral obligations and ethics connected to hunting, wildlife poaching, and the locals’ indifference to wildlife hunting, especially lions. This is a book that needs to be savored by lovers of wildlife safaris.

Zimbabwe Safari: A Memoir

By Tim Good

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Pub date July 17, 2020

ISBN 978-1734795110

Price $26.50 (USD) Hardcover

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