APEX by Tyler Michael

A thriller to tear through…

In Michael’s high-octane thriller, three friends are thrown in a race for survival after their camping trip goes wrong. It was supposed to be adventure-filled excursion when Chris, Kevin, and Kate left for their planned campsite. But an ominous competition leaves the trio stranded in a harsh wilderness far from any civilization. As they try to get out of the rough terrain, they soon realize they are entrapped in a sinister game of life and death. To get out alive, they have nothing but their wit and resilience. Michael demonstrates a knack for repeatedly putting his protagonists in harm’s way, and his swiftly paced narrative nicely reveals the protagonists’ stresses and sense of dread as they try to stay alive in the rugged wilderness with dangerous pursuers at their heels. The tight plotting enhances the lethal game of life or death the trio find themselves in. Adept at creating nerve-wracking moments, Michael keeps the suspense high throughout. Fans of fast-paced, nail-biting action thriller are in for a treat.


By Tyler Michael

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Pub date October 19, 2020

ISBN 978-0578781990

Price: $8.99 (USD), $3.05 Kindle edition

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