Tryst: Based on Actual Events by Aaron Eldritch

A chilling tale that brilliantly blends psychological suspense and supernatural horror…

Is there something more existential behind a series of bizarre events happening in the lives of the teen protagonists of the novel or is there a possible explanation for the uncanny occurrences that tear at the very fabric of reality? Eldritch adeptly keeps the reader waiting for an answer in this savvy tale of horror which is based on actual events. When Aaron and his brother Zeb accompanied by their friends Greg and Alex went to explore the woods behind their house, it was simply their boyhood curiosity. But something weird happened, and Alex returned a changed person. Soon after, the boys came upon an abandoned house situated in the quiet of the woods. Meanwhile, bizarre events begin to happen in the Eldritch house. Is there a creature of supernatural evil lurking in the Eldritch house or is it the friends’ overly active imagination wreaking havoc on their minds? As they step into adulthood, their bond of friendship is put to test as doubt and fear of unexplained continue to trail them. Eldritch paints a believable portrait of teenagers in extremis emotionally as they attempt to cope with their doubts, uncertainties, and fear of the inexplicable. As the story moves forward, the wall between reality and supernatural becomes more blurred, creating an atmosphere of deviously subtle horror. Eldritch meticulously builds details of the unthinkable in the narrative, grounding it in a believable reality. By keeping the unexplained subtly in the background, Eldritch offers exhilarating glimpses into an intriguingly dark world, inviting readers to visualize the wider, more chilling context in which the events of the story unravel. The novel is as much a tale of supernatural horror as it is a coming of age journey of its teen protagonists. Eldritch offers a searing window into his characters’ inner turmoil and their self-doubts and boyhood curiosity, examining their bond of friendship as they leave their adolescent years behind and enter adulthood and try to come to terms with the change that comes with growing up. He stays away from the usual genre tropes, but imbues his narrative with humanity; he offers a hefty dose of subtle horror while grounding imaginative supernatural situations in familiar emotion. This unsettling, hypnotic tale of subtle horror makes for a must-read. Fans of psychological horror will want to take a look.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Tryst: Based on Actual Events

By Aaron Eldritch

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Pub date June 8, 2019


Price $0.98 (USD) Kindle edition, $12.99 Paperback

Categories: Horror

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