Make Our Country YUUUGE Again: Laira Succupy Ganders’ Unbelievable Journey with Tunnald Drump by Web Augustine

A hard-hitting political satire…

In a witty, compelling narrative, Augustine trails the life and actions of Drump from before his election to the peak of the 2020 pandemic, delivering an immersive look at how the utter incompetence of the Drump administration brought out the greatest predicaments of the time. Using her position of a loyal press secretary for fourteen years to Tunnald “Tunny” Drump before her resignation in 2020, Augustine’s protagonist Laira Succupy Ganders offers an insider account of the Drump administration. The book explores the internal battles within the Beige Palace in the face of utter incompetence and disastrous policies as well as nature and mental state of Grand Poobah Drump as his increasingly erratic behavior driven by ego, insecurity, and a constant fear of ridicule send everyone around him at edge. Witnessing the futile attempts of her team members’ efforts at providing helpful fact-checks to the Grand Poobah’s relentless distortions and trying to get him to formulate an articulate strategy of governing, Laira soon realizes her boss is the wrong man for the job. Petulant and prone to tantrums, Tunny’s antics forces her to resign from her position in the end. Augustine’s prose is lively and entertaining, and his wild cast of eccentric characters is thoroughly recognizable despite their changed names. Full of hilarious one-liners and bantering humor, Augustine rounds out the portrait of the Grand Poobah and his followers as a danger to the nation. Readers of dark political comedy will savor this savvy satire.

Make Our Country YUUUGE Again

Laira Succupy Ganders’ Unbelievable Journey with Tunnald Drump

By Web Augustine

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Pub date September 26, 2020


Price $4.92 (USD) Kindle edition, $17.95 Paperback

Categories: humor

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