Cuttle by Chelsea Britain

A potent blend of romance, intrigue, and humor…

Britian makes her debut with an electrifying story of a woman going through personal and professional transition. Nora finds herself overwhelmed by the demands of her job as a marine life researcher, and her breakup with her boyfriend of several years leaves her emotionally exhausted. Pressured by family and friends to find a life partner, Nora is presented with many choices, but it’s not easy to pick the right one always. Told in first-person narrative, the story rolls at a crisp pace with brilliant descriptions and a hefty dose of humor without turning fluffy. Britian’s writing is both assured and full of heart, and her characters move credibly throughout the narrative (including the cuttlefish and Scribbles). Nora successfully fits the mold of a professional single woman in her thirties trying to find a firm footing. Britian’s comprehensive research into marine life brings cuttlefish alive in readers’ minds. A rollicking fun read that is sure to delight fans of women’s fiction.


By Chelsea Britain

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Pub date September 1, 2020


Price $10.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.14 Kindle edition, $21.99 Hardcover

Categories: Short Reviews, Women's fiction

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