La Chimère of Prague by Rick Pryll

Elegantly written and engrossing…

Pyrll scrutinizes one man’s examination of his life’s purpose while overlaying the rich history of the vibrant city of Prague. Joseph is obsessed with Karina, the waitress-turned-supermodel, after she stays over before ditching him to go to Italy with her English tutor. Nine long torturous months, and now Karina is back. But Joseph needs to sort out his own priorities first. The emotional and sexual intrigues of the characters intermingle with Joseph’s musings and the ongoing telling of his story through the first-person narrative and diary entries. Joseph is revealed as a self-aware and sensitive individual, who is trying to figure out his life purpose among the formless chaos of his daily existence. Though Pryll skillfully explores the rich history of Prague along with politics, socio-economic changes, culture, and war, Joseph stays at the heart of the story. Pryll’s illuminating insights into Joseph’s soul-searching and the unconventional mindset make this book a must-read for lovers of slow-burning literary fiction.

La Chimère of Prague

By Rick Pryll

Foolishness Press

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Pub date October 28, 2020

ISBN 9781005884291

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $2.95 Kindle edition

Categories: Fiction, Short Reviews

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