The Black Market: A guide to art collecting by Charles Moore

A compelling, authoritative, and accessible guides to art collecting…

Drawing from his own experience of a collector, writer, and scholar in the field of modern and contemporary African-American art, Moore offers a unique take on traversing the art world in his compelling latest. Moore addresses key facts and basics of art collecting, including the need to visit art galleries and museums, attending art fairs and exhibitions, collecting books, and understanding the economics of owing art. From providing the basic information about how to navigate the art market, to outlining the academic and material culture collecting practices that centers African-American artists, collectors, curators, and art advisors, Moore offers intelligent insights into the highly lucrative art market.  Moore handles the African-American art and the narratives of Black artists with precision and understanding, skillfully capturing the renaissance of African American art throughout the twentieth century. Filled with revealing details and memorable art world personalities, Moore’s guide is a must-read for both novice and seasoned art collectors.

The Black Market

A guide to art collecting

By Charles Moore

Petite Ivy Press

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Pub date September 14, 2020

ISBN 9781735170817

Price $29.99 (USD) Hardcover, $19.99 Paperback, $7.60 Kindle edition

Categories: Non Fiction

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