In Lost Dreams the Four Were Bound (Genean Chronicles #1) by Bradley Blankenship

An expansive and ambitious epic fantasy saga…

The bleak dystopian landscape provides an evocative backdrop for characters obsessed with lust, power, duty, and death in Blankenship’s gripping In Lost Dreams the Four Were Bound, the first book in the Genean Chronicles and part of the larger Remi’s Cross Saga universe. Nerin Delvori is still struggling to come to terms with his humanoid alien’s race’s gradual disintegration into obliviousness, but an ancient, trapped evil has promised him power in exchange for its freedom. However, the infamous humanoid monster, Virage, though gravely injured and unconscious, stands in Neris’s way. And the darkness has its own plans. Blankenship has a knack for both plot and character, and readers will easily immerse themselves in Neris, Elis, and Davnian’s world. Under Blankenship’s skilled depiction, these characters materialize, revealing their inner turmoil, fears, and apprehensions. Neris with her strength and integrity and her compassion even when the personal cost is high remains an endearing protagonist. Elis with her grit and determination makes for a worthy heroine. Virage is the monster every player fears, and though he remains a likable and almost reluctant hero in the beginning, the lurking evil underneath adds an ominous sense of intrigue and doom to his dark and fascinating personality. Lord Orhan is the very embodiment of mean-spiritedness. GH – 199076492, though doesn’t have much space in the story, is a fully realized character. Blankenship’s stream of consciousness narrative (in case of Davnian) is particularly effective, and the dream sequences bring his inner turmoil to life with an eerie quality. Blankenship combines science fiction and fantasy against a darkly intriguing backdrop, and his evocative worldbuilding is created with precision and lush details. The shadowy, myth-laden Lorinian Witchwood with its allure and dark intrigue comes out alive in the reader’s mind whereas the gritty, unfriendly futuristic alien world hums with frostiness, evoking a sense of grim desolation. The descriptions of battle and trauma are graphic, and Blankenship enhances the action with moments of deep emotive introspections, creating a story filled with a rich understanding of human darkness and light. He maintains a steady pace throughout: the swiftly paced story pulls readers in while setting up what promises to be a shocking final confrontation. This well-crafted novel, with its memorable protagonists and intriguing blend of SF, fantasy, mystery, swords, and sorcery delivers on all levels. Fantasy lovers with large appetites will be gripped.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

In Lost Dreams the Four Were Bound

(Genean Chronicles #1)

By Bradley Blankenship

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Pub date August 19, 2020

ISBN 978-1734889611

Price $16.95 (USD) paperback, $28.99 Hardcover, $3.04 Kindle edition

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