Unspoken by T. A. Belshaw

An evocative, richly detailed tale…

Belshaw’s poignant latest, a tale of family secrets, love, betrayal, and revenge, delivers atmosphere and plotting as well as nicely modulated characters. With her husband’s aptitude for relentless nagging and bullying, Jessica is trapped in an unhappy marriage. When a long-buried secret of her almost hundred-year-old great grandmother Alice becomes known to Jessica, she realizes that they both have more in common between them than their looks: they share dreadful luck in the types of men that come into their life. Belshaw skillfully handles the narrative shift into past and present, keeping both the momentum and pacing of the story smooth.  Jessica’s nonchalant dismissal of her husband’s escalating aggression are frustratingly vexing and yet rooted in reality. Alice, with her inherent stubbornness and charm remains a consistently appealing companion. Her turbulent story as she endures hardships and betrayals highlights the biases faced by women during 19th-century. The circumstances by which Jessica finally draws strength from Alice’s story are both unpredictable and moving. This is a winner.

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By T. A. Belshaw

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Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews, Women's fiction

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