Book blurb: Prosper by Lindsay Schuster

Four high-school friends, each with her own story line…

It’s friendship that binds Kaila, Amy, Jenny, and Stephanie. But they do share something more than their unbreakable bond: their personal traumas and pains; Kaila, after her parents’ tragic death is trying to cope with her lingering grief; Amy has always hidden her vulnerabilities behind a façade of tough-around-the-edges-girl persona; Jenny is struggling to fill in the role of her long-gone mother for her siblings and the verbally abusive father, and Stephanie, after years of sexual abuse and her mother’s drug addiction is almost at the brink of despair.

The girls’ friendship is tested in their Freshman year as their personal griefs become obstacle to their soul-filling conversations. As their lives go into a downward spiral of untold pains and prolonged hardships, it’s their faith that will keep them united.

For YA readers who loved “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, “If I Stay”, and the writings of John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) comes the poignant story of friendship, loss, faith, and perseverance.


By Lindsay Schuster

Book review

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