Book blurb: Ocean Friends Series by Tam Warner Minton

An amazing visual collection of the colorful, curious, and varied tropical reef fish that calls oceans its home.

Look closer into this excellent photographic guide to find all types of tropical reef fish. From cleaner friend butterflyfish and angelfish to the grouchy triggerfish, from shy and elusive filefish to master of camouflage frogfish, from long and slender Trumpetfish, the sneaky predator, to shimmering shoals of fish, the oceans across the world are bursting with more fish than you might think. There is so much to look at and discuss in this collection of underwater wonders.

These vivid books introduce children to a wide array of tropical reef fish from across world’s oceans.

Ideal book for young ocean lovers and budding marine biologists wanting to learn more about the tropical reef fish.

Ocean Friends

(2 book series)

By Tam Warner Minton

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