The Photograph by Kat Karpenko

A poignant historical drama…

Karpenko’s latest boldly captures the sweeping devastating “terror-famine” of the times from the perspective of a family caught in a Bolshevik domination. Stalin’s rise to power in 1928 sets off a tidal wave of social turmoil that not only crushed the peasantry of the U.S.S.R. but also destroyed Ukraine. Nicholai Karpenko, Karpenko’s grandfather and an affluent farmer, leaves Ukraine for Canada with his wife, children, and his younger brother and his family, but the remaining relations decide to stay back. As reality of the terror-famine sets in, the mere survival becomes an ordeal. Mixing fiction with fact, Karpenko beautifully captures the atmosphere of the times, bringing her historical characters to life. Her writing is assured and paced well and the historical detail researched meticulously. She succeeds admirably in depicting the lives of Ukrainians stuck in the horrors of the “terror-famine”. This deeply engrossing, fascinating tale is sure to move readers.

The Photograph

By Kat Karpenko

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Pub date June 15, 2020

ISBN 9780995893412

Price $14.99 (USD) paperback, $4.15 Kindle edition

Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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  1. Great revue can’t wait to red it .Thank you Kat Karpenko

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