The Unspeakable Kind by Christopher Renna

Darkly intriguing and thoroughly engrossing…

This slender volume from Renna takes readers on an unsettling journey into uncanny as a young woman tries to search for a lost child’s identity. After suffering her second miscarriage, Ashleigh Lundberg agrees to move to her husband’s family estate in Thorsby to pursue a stress-free living. While exploring the woods behind the house, Ashleigh happens upon a lost child. As she sets on to learn about the child’s identity, old secrets come to surface threatening to change the meaning of everything. Renna skillfully retches up tension, balancing Ashleigh’s longing for a child with the forbidding mystery of the woods behind the house. Elvin’s story unfolds in an emotionally affecting narrative. There is a hint of uncanny that stays in the background, and though it never gives way to more visceral scares, the strange and unsettling atmosphere will keep readers turning pages. The surprising ending is both satisfying and heart wrenching. Fans of light horror will be pleased to explore Renna’s unsettling world.

The Unspeakable Kind

By Christopher Renna

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Pub date September 8, 2020


Price $3.01 (USD) Kindle edition, $8.99 Paperback

Categories: Horror, Short Reviews

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  1. Darkly intriguing and thoroughly engrossing... - Christopher Renna

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