Stranded in Eloi by Jim Hamilton

A lighthearted, perfectly executed SF romance…

Hamilton adeptly mixes gentle science fiction elements with just enough romance, a dash of fantasy, a nostalgic small-town setting, and the sweetly exotic storytelling of a classic fairytale in his latest SF tale. Nick and Edna, an elderly couple, end up in small town of Eloi, Kansas after being kidnaped from their home and deposited in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Jack Evanland, in his perusal of finding the meaning of life finds himself stranded in Eloi. Determined to help the couple, Jack, the town Sheriff and others set on to build an omni and in doing so, they seem to procure a new lifeline for the gradually-dying town. Hamilton tells a smoothly paced story that combines just the right amount of SF elements, fantasy, action, and romance. The foodies will be delighted to come across a horde of mouth-watering classic American breakfasts and baking goodies. Hamilton concentrates on building characters’ backstories in the first half and piles on the action in the second half, making his protagonists earn their happy ending. Hamilton’s superb character development brings to life a multitude of convincing characters, especially Nick and Jack. He creates an extremely good-hearted, if somewhat naive, old dear in Edna and an appealing, feisty heroine in Janice. The comradeship between Nick, Carl, Jack, and others and the peculiar situation that they find themselves in add extra levity to this SF tale. Jack and Janice’s gradually developed romance enlivens the usual SF plot. The cosplay festival and the SF-themed wedding are the stars here. Hamilton has delivered a finely crafted, satisfying SF romance

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Stranded in Eloi

By Jim Hamilton

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Pub date August 20, 2020


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.95 Paperbcak

Categories: Science Fiction

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