Requiem For Thursday: A Supernatural Mystery (Requiem Series Book 1) by Douglas Cockell

A knockout…

Cockell’s latest brilliantly integrates psychological depth into a marvelous paranormal mystery plot. When Detective Eilert Weiss arrives at the legendary author A. L. Rouhl’s house to investigate his death, he finds the circumstances suspicious: the bullet is missing, and the forensic facts do not tally with reality. Carly Rouhl, the author’s daughter, becomes a suspect just as her own suspicions turn to Marcella Cole, a local nurse. Meanwhile, the investigation puts Marcella, who was able to walk free after the police failed to tie her to the killing of her husband years ago, at the center of a series of drowning deaths. Cockell has a gift for clever, taut plotting, making the reader turn pages fast. Rouhl, though dies early in the story stands out. Marcella is imbued with such evil that readers will find themselves hating her with a sheer honesty right from the beginning. Masterful characterization, clever plotting, expert writing, and a dash of supernatural mark this fine mystery. Readers looking for a thoroughly gripping paranormal mystery won’t be able to resist.

Requiem for Thursday

By Douglas Cockell

Buy now

Dunhill Clare Publishing

Pub date September 10, 2020


Price $24.99 (USD) Hardcover, $3.52 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery, Paranormal/Supernatural, Short Reviews

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