Our Forever Crazy Love by Jennifer Nolan

A deeply felt and thoughtful romance…

Set in Savannah, Georgia, Nolan’s debut is an engrossing, dynamic romance in which practicality and logic vie with heart’s aching need for love and deep connection. The beautiful Vivienne Ramsey has always loved 8 years her senior, the patient, wickedly handsome Danny who, following his divorce, is unable to move forward. An unexpected, tragic incident brings the duo closer, but the relationship between them stays on shaky ground. Will they get to see their happily-ever-after or will fate get in the way? Readers will become engrossed from the very first page as Vivienne tries to navigate her love life. Nolan has a gift for creating charged situations and taut plotting, and she offers insights on her characters with both elegance and ease. Nolan’s elegant writing, gripping narrative, and emotionally charged, captivating story breathe life into this enthralling tale. Fans of chick lit and contemporary romance will find this one deeply satisfying.

Our Forever Crazy Love

By Jennifer Nolan

Dunhill Clare Publishing

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Pub date September 3, 2020

ISBN 978-0973410495

Price $21.99 (USD) Hardcover, $3.57 Kindle edition

Categories: Chick-lit, romance

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