Knock on Wood by Leslie Tall Manning

A flawless tale of love, greed, and betrayal…

Award-winning Manning takes the reader on an unsettling and surreal journey into a young boy’s life who emerges from coma a different person. After a drowning incident, Billy Baker’s life changed forever. At thirty, Billy (who goes by the name William) is still trapped in his past. Brain damaged and with his memories of the past buried deep, William becomes a ripe target for sinister schemes of greedy people. Manning matches a baffling mystery with an inventive premise, and her flawless prose ensures the reader stays invested throughout. Fully realized characters enhance the multiple viewpoints narrative. People in William’s life, some caring and some evil, each come across as distinct individuals, and as the story moves forward, shocking new revelations reveal their humanity, be it good or bad. Manning ably juggles suspense and magical realism. The scenes of supernatural compel, and the final twist will catch readers by surprise. Lovers of literary fiction won’t want to miss this intense and disquieting read.

Knock on Wood

By Leslie Tall Manning

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Pub date November 15, 2019


Price $4.93 (USD) Kindle edition, $15.99 Paperback

Categories: Mystery, Short Reviews

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  1. Thank you so much. I appreciate the time and talent of this reviewer!

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