Little Spirit (Waldwick) by Kenneth Linde

An enthralling tale of love, acceptance, and understanding…

Set in contemporary Madison, Wisconsin, Linde’s second installment in the Waldwick series chronicles a young man’s coming-of-age journey as he navigates life’s ups and downs, learning about love, life, and liberty. Born and raised in farmers’ family, George Terrill IV is determined to pursue a career in journalism. A chance encounter with Rodney, a native American from the proud Hochunk nation, brings George face to face with the stark reality of what it means to be a native American in contemporary America. George’s bond with Great Grandfather, the 94-year-old, blind, Hochunk Indian chief, makes him realize his true purpose in life. In a leisurely paced narrative heavy with intrigue and the Native American history, Linde skillfully handles a large cast of characters and several mini storylines. Linde’s writing is assured and the prose breathtaking as he conveys how decisions of the past shape the present, resulting in a moving and gripping story. The scenes of everyday Indian life are sketched with conviction, and the whimsical world of Indian legends and beliefs adds to the intrigue. This poignant novel is not only an impassioned indictment of the white man’s rule in old as well as new America, chronicling the harrowing journey of native Americans to reclaiming of their ancestral lands but also a poignant tale of love, acceptance, tolerance, and understanding. This fascinating blend of history, tension, and dramatic momentum makes for an enthralling literary tale. Lovers of literary fiction and historicals will be greatly rewarded.

Note: This title is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Little Spirit (Waldwick)

By Kenneth Linde

Waldwick, Inc.

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Pub date March 10, 2019


Price $7. 35 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Coming-of-age, Fiction, Historical fiction

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