Xand Io Striving: A Novel (Bioptas Book 2) by Emily Jefford

A SF adventure that intrigues and charms…

Jefford continues her Bioptas series with this engrossing second installment, taking readers through Eartha’s coming-of-age journey as the young Imadali. Eartha is no longer Eartha Patterson now: as the rightful heir of Theohas Ailron, she has taken her place as the Imdali Seat leader of the League, becoming Yen Dabriel Eartha Xand Io. But navigating the pressures of her regal vocation is going to test Eartha’s courage like never before, especially when Vixutalen Sacphon Ghist, the leader of the Bioptan Council and a powerful man, is determined to realize his ulterior motive at any cost. From the intriguing premise to the deeply realized characters, Jefford skillfully draws a futuristic world, bringing Bioptas to life. Courageous, quick-witted Eartha inspires, her relationship with all men in her life, including Graev, Brock, and Eli is tender and sketched with understanding, and the satisfying conclusion with the promise of another installment is sure to make readers excited. This is a winner.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Xand Io Striving: A Novel

(Bioptas Book 2)

By Emily Jefford

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Pub date August 1, 2020


Price $7.56 (USD) Kindle edition, $21.95 Paperback

Categories: Science Fiction, Short Reviews

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