Mirror in Time (Sons of Meir #2) by Jacqueline T. Johnson

Extremely fast-paced and gripping…

Johnson fills her stellar second installment in the Sons of Meir series with fast action and endearing heroes. Nash finds his loyalties complicated when his decision to go forward after finding himself at the crossroad of Noyi throws him into the blood-drenched arena of Noyi, pitting him against the fearless Erich. In the match of life and death, only one can survive and comes out alive. Without wasting time on pleasantries, Johnson piles on high action and shocking revelations, and her stellar prose style and clever plot twists will be sure to please fantasy lovers. The battle scenes are both brutally inventive and solidly convincing. This second installment isn’t a bad starting point for new readers, but returning readers will get the most out of it with characters’ backstories fully explored in the previous book. Remarkable fight scenes, compelling characters, and tight plotting make this a must-read for fantasy lovers.

Mirror in Time

(Sons of Meir #2)

By Jacqueline T. Johnson

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Pub date April 23, 2014

ISBN 9781495238109

Price $13.40 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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  1. Thank you for the raving review. I hope you explore the entire series. Thank you again.

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