In the Country Dark by Mike Mallow

A skillful twister…

Set in rural Appalachia, Mallow’s excellent crime thriller sees two childhood friends entangled in a life or death situation after a murder-for-hire goes wrong. When Cabel Walsh, a disenchanted journalist, offered to drive his childhood friend Troy Mason, a recently fired CAN, to a far-off location for a work opportunity, he didn’t have a clue their life was going to change forever. When the situation turns deadly, the friends find themselves trapped. They must take drastic measures or risk losing their lives. This page-turner offers fast-paced plot twists and shocking surprises, and the high tension and thrill of anticipation keep readers on toes. Mallow bolsters his realistic portrait of a rural community steeped in pride with many real-life situations and characters and does a good job of detailing his protagonists’ struggles with their past traumas as they try to deal with the powerful enemies. He manages his multiple plot threads with panache as the action races to a sad and yet hopeful conclusion. This is a stunner.

In the Country Dark

By Mike Mallow

Cressen Books, LLC

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Pub date September 9, 2020

ISBN 9781940249186

Price $10.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.09 Kindle edition

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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