Taking Time: A Tale of Physics, Lust and Greed by Mike Murphey

taking time

Vibrant characters and scientific intrigue mark this engrossing SF thriller…

Set in 2044 in the Eastern Arizona, Murphey’s intriguing latest science fiction tale featuring a young insecure hero finds the latter trying to fit in with a motley crew of strangers who are set to go on a top-secret mission as humanity’s first ever time-travelers. When Marshall Grissom was offered to be a part of a five-year long research program in a secret complex beneath the Eastern Arizona Desert that will pay high salary and extra perks, he was more than happy to sign up. But little did he know that he was about to become one of the first ever time-travelers in the history of humanity as part of a covert operation on behalf of a syndicate of governments and corporations who wanted to make the time-travel a profitable reality. Painfully shy and reserved Marshall is thrown together with the lovely and intelligent Sheila Schuler and the hardheaded and mean Marta Hamilton. As the project evolves and the clash between science and corporate greed becomes a reality, new friendships are formed, hidden enemies come out of shadows, and the old secrets unravel, threatening to jeopardize the whole project. With their lives at stake, Marshall and his fellow time-travelers must do everything in their power to stop the malevolent forces from realizing their sinister motive. The book starts on a slow note with a multitude of characters thrown together in a strange environment without a clear backstory, but once the reader gets to know the protagonists, there is no turning back. Murphey does an excellent job dramatizing events in the early days of the project: he expertly integrates the characters’ evolving relationship into their inner turmoil as the stark reality of being used by the governments and the corporations as the sole guinea pig dawns on. The intriguing world of spies and counterspies and the characters’ well-drawn backstories as they struggle in completely unfamiliar terrain keep the readers invested throughout. The narrative is mostly smoothly paced except for characters’ sudden flashback integrated into the story. Scientific details of the time are blended well into the labyrinthine plot that gradually builds to a logical explanation. The Intriguing information about the concept of time -travel, dark matter, and time dilation among others, though a bit dubious adds a dash of physics into the otherwise SF thriller plot. Laden with a hefty dose of drama, intrigue, and witty dialogue, this entry will please time-travel fans.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Taking Time

A Tale of Physics, Lust and Greed

By Mike Murphey

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Acorn Publishing

Pub date July 1, 2020


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $24.99 Paperback, $42.14 Hardcover

Categories: Science Fiction

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