Some Laneys Died A Skipping Sideways Thriller by Brooke Skipstone

some lyne died

A dark and thoroughly gripping YA thriller…

Skipstone’s enthralling latest chronicles the tale of a teenager whose destiny is curiously intertwined with someone else from another universe. It was Delaney’s dad’s cheating that led to her parents’ divorce, but she blamed herself for telling on her dad. Trying to deal with the trauma of her parent’s separation, Delaney started imagining different versions of the same situation in which she never told on her dad and the divorce never happened. The discovery of two murdered girls’ bodies made Delaney realize her past is connected to the case. While narrating Laney’s story, Skipstone’s focus stays on the subtle strangeness of life, the unseen connections between the complete strangers, and finding hope in the middle of despair. This is a dark thriller filled with elements of quantum physics and concept of parallel universes. The way Delaney’s worlds imitate each other offers emotional quotient to the story. This is a fascinating read.


Some Laneys Died

A Skipping Sideways Thriller

By Brooke Skipstone

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Skipstone Publishing

Pub date August 10, 2020


Price $2.95 (USD) Kindle edition, $12,99 Paperback

Categories: Short Reviews, Suspense and Thriller, YA

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