The Connection by David Billingsley


Provocative and intense…

In this almost flawless tale set in the small West Texas town of Dinley by Billingsley, a mysterious stranger’s arrival threatens to turn the townsfollks’ life upside down. Sandy McAllister, a radio DJ, is content to live the life of a recluse after her husband and son’s tragic death leaves her permanently scarred. But the sudden appearance of a mysterious stranger in the town on a warm summer evening turns Sandy’s carefully scripted life upside down. Strange, powerful feelings take hold of Sandy’s mind, and she’s unable to do anything about it. But she’s not the only one: the stranger has this weird effect on other inhabitants of the town as well. The past, it seems has come to haunt the town residents once again. Although the element of science fiction stays at the heart of the novel’s theme, the story is anything but dry: the characters brim with poignant emotions. Billingsley focuses on the raw feelings of his characters (mainly Sandy), who remain broken years after their personal tragedies. Sandy is a thoroughly developed character, a raw mix of intense emotion and dull goodness. AJ is equally compelling. Billingsley develops his small Western Texas town’s culture in great detail: racial unfairness lingers, the mixed-race marriages are frowned upon; the people are shown in generally positive light, though occasionally they are ignoble. Readers will eagerly immerse themselves in this tender mix of raw emotion, high suspense, and sci-fi intrigue. This is a novel that fans of literary SF won’t want to miss.

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The Connection

By David Billingsley

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