Wonder: In The Presence Of Infinity by Jon Trovato

wonder in the presence of infinity

Beautifully Illuminating…

In this clear-eyed and intriguing collection, Trovato takes readers into a vivid cosmic world filled with life’s musings, questions, and wonder. The poems do not follow any strict rhyme scheme, and the writing feels immersive, offering readers an unusual and serious meditation on existence: “Like a Fine Mist” has a taut and unusual richness as Trovato draws on various sources for his images (They are the network/ of connections that/ feed our awareness/ our understanding,” he writes about memories). The simple language and encouraging imagery of “Finding Them” is both inspirational and resonant.  Arranged in four sections, the hefty collection offers philosophical reflections on life (“Whether Or Not,” “A Combination”), vivid descriptions of cosmic creations (“Where The Supermassive Play,” “Always Shining”), and an exploration of man’s hunger for enlightenment (“Celebrity,” “Just Beyond Our Grasp”). Trovato’s eye for detail and eloquent powers of description easily captivate readers’ curiosity, making this collection a fascinating read.


Wonder: In The Presence Of Infinity

By Jon Trovato

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Pub date June 6, 2020

ISBN 979-8651797295

Price $12.00 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Poetry, Short Reviews

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