Kaliko on the Shoals: A Novel by Emma Renault

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An intriguing read…

The engrossing latest by Renault follows the story of a young woman struggling with past trauma, grief, and identity issue. Unable to deal with her past issues, eighteen-year-old Kaliko drops out of college and moves back to her home town. Two years later, she is still struggling with her inner scars. The only silver lining of hope for Kaliko is her girlfriends Luna’s weekend visits, but when the mysterious Ofelia enters Kaliko’s life as a friend, things seem to look up. Renault’s writing has a lyrical, vague quality to it, and the narrative vacillates between Kaliko’s inner thoughts, her interactions with Luna and Ophelia, and moments of their delicate love-making. The setting of hidden island and the subtlety with which Ranault handles Kaliko’s trauma add both a heavy shade of magical realism and emotional depth to the story. Lovers of magical realism and literary fiction will find it easy to fall in love with Kaliko’s story.


Kaliko on the Shoals: A Novel

by Emma Renault

Buy now

Looking Glass Heart Books

ISBN 9781734445107

Expected pub date August 4, 2020

Price $22.50 Paperback


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