Serum: A disease-free world comes at a deadly cost by Dennis Ogden


An engrossing tale…

Ogden creates an intriguing ocean world in his engrossing latest SF novel. Eighteen years after her abduction, broken and pregnant Noi de Jesus joins the marine biologist Professor Marcus Glasson, her father’s close friend, to Yeppoon, Queensland after a daring rescue operation organized by the brilliant professor and his allies. Trying to completely erase traces of her abductor’s DNA from her unborn child’s genes, Noi undergoes an experimental procedure and becomes the target of a group of powerful people. Noi’s journey from an 8-year-old abducted child to a sex slave who’s constantly at the mercy of her abductor and a grown woman who is forced to carry weight of the world on her fragile shoulders is courageous. An intriguing storyline, informative yet upbeat scientific jargon, and a unique, beautifully imagined setting make this smoothly paced tale a pleasantly enjoyable read. Science fiction lovers looking for a lighthearted read will be pleased.


Serum: A disease-free world comes at a deadly cost

By Dennis Ogden

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Ogden Imprint

Pub date April 6, 2020

ISBN 978-0648086949

Price $18.99 (USD) paperback, $0.72 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction, Short Reviews

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