Transfer: A Supernatural Horror Novel by Sean Oliver



An excellent supernatural thriller marked with shrewd plotting, realistic characters, and a gritty setting…

Oliver’s masterful latest effectively combines the excellent elements of traditional mystery with the grit of supernatural horror, spinning a spellbinding tale of an ominous secret that reaches from beyond the grave and threatens to destroy multiple innocent lives. When a 4-year-old dies in a classroom under mysterious circumstances, the school guidance counselor Laine Waterman steps in to help other students and the staff deal with the trauma. Students transferring out of PS 12 at an unusually high rate gets Laine’s attention, and soon she finds herself entangled in a full-blown mystery that leads her to a long-forgotten urban wasteland. But trying to stop the evil from spreading is not so easy, especially when her own secrets are getting in the way. Oliver excels at creating a thoroughly atmospheric setting as well as revealing his characters’ inner turmoil with nuance and skill. The traditional elements of supernatural terror: decaying bodies, claustrophobic situations, evil lurking in shadows among others provides the mandatory understated menace to the bleak setting. He sensitively portrays his morally-complex characters’ apprehensions, qualms, and grief while plunging the reader deep into a deadly mystery surrounding their lives. Laine with her vulnerabilities, fears, and her deep-set love for Jason, her son, is both genuine and convincing. Other characters are sketched with credibility and will stay in readers’ minds long after they finish the novel. The satisfying finale does justice to the suspense-filled, gritty setups. With its complex, twisty plot and intriguing storyline, the book makes for a brilliant supernatural thriller.


Transfer: A Supernatural Horror Novel

By Sean Oliver

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Pub date August 2, 2019


Price $3.89 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.95 Paperback

Categories: Paranormal/Supernatural

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