Lonely Kings and Queens: Modern Poetry For Lovers by Julie Steeves Benson

lonely kings and queens

Erotic, extensive, and evocative…

In her latest tantalizing collection, Benson draws from both her own hopeless romantic persona and the shared human experience, capturing the spirit and gist of emotional and physical love. The first poem “She Is,” is a meditation on the mythification of a woman. Beautifully complex and meaningful “Before Sunrise,” uses erotic and sensual love-making to evoke a wide range of poignant emotions and navigates themes of both love and lust by creating a narrative ripe with powerful imagery. Benson blends vivid descriptions, passionate observation, and private dreams in “Before Sunrise”. Her best lyrics are intense, erotic, and deeply personal, such as in “Melting Fortress,” there are arousing description, sketches of a couple passionately in love, of erotic moments, of sensual nights as she writes: “They blend as one against the pitch of night / In harmony, / Earnest grasps between them, almost breathless.” or the vastly erotic “Insatiable Hearts,” in which the world play can be seen at its best as the protagonist says: “Moans escape, restraint not an option with the tides / of their golden moon upon them / they make love, long and hard.” In the sexually suggestive “Rapture,” Benson, through her protagonists’ love-making gives the sense of an author not only documenting every thought but also the individual moments including tenderness, passion, ecstasy, and revelations. In “The Isle of Bravery,” Benson uses the second-person narrative to intensify the closeness between the reader and the subject: “We call to you in the silence of the wavering moon, / the fire burning bright within the sheltered / emotions of our heart.” The profoundly affecting “Love’s Fool,” exhibits Benson’s aptitude for capturing sensuality with vivid imagery as her protagonist, engulfed deeply in passion surrenders herself to the man she loves. Poignant and raw “Star bright,” touches on loneliness and the pain of separation, bringing depth and resonance to the familiar experience. “Chains” is about heartbreak and love gone sour. Erotic, dreamy, and universal, this short collection of love poems examines the emotional spectrum from being in love and the passion that it surrounds to the unbearable aftermath of separation. Writing with exuberance and a rush of adrenaline, Benson paints vivid emotional images of the love her protagonists feel for each other, making this an eloquent gift for a romantic occasion. Sensual and deeply emotive, this book remains an introspective lyric of love and lust.


Lonely Kings and Queens: Modern Poetry For Lovers

By Julie Steeves Benson

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Pub date June 29, 2018

ISBN 978-1525526411

Price $22.99 (USD) Paperback, $29.99 Hardcover, $10.31 Kindle edition

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