The Winged Lion: Marion’s Match by Patrick D. Carlson

winged lion

A dazzling dystopian tale…

Set in 2090, this first installment of Carlson’s excellent dystopian series takes readers on an exhilarating journey as a teenager’s nonconformist principles become a catalyst for others to find hope in a world drowning in despair. When Peter Barclay, a prodigious teenager, joins the Commonwealth primary school in Chicago, he is dismayed to see other students blindly following the censored ideas with history either erased or altered from the curriculum. Peter’s individualist beliefs prove to be incompatible with the Commonwealth society, putting him in the path of the ruthless leader of the Commonwealth World government, Premier Kerioth. Meanwhile, a growing rebellion organization seeks the help of Accendia, a mysterious group of soldiers, to overthrow Premier Kerioth’s dictatorial regime. Readers will wonder about Peter’s connection to the Accendia and the tricorn-wearing freedom fighters, and in what direction the story is going. As the pieces come together, things are not as they seem. The swiftly-paced narrative and the tight plotting will keep readers turning the pages fast. Carlson’s crisp prose beautifully captures the phenomenal intellectuality and wise-beyond-years persona of his teen protagonist and the complex theme of the value of the individual free will and liberation in a society. Despite the considerable dramatic weight of the central theme of the story, the book makes for a lighthearted read, and Carlson keeps his readers connected to the intriguing dystopian world he has created. With its fascinating premise, taut dialogue, and hefty characterization, the novel makes for a thoughtful, well-crafted dystopian tale. Readers will look forward to more of Carlson’s work.


The Winged Lion: Marion’s Match

By Patrick D. Carlson

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Page Publishing, Inc

Pub date March 17, 2020

ISBN 9781645842835

Price $15.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.25 Kindle edition


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