Growing Bananas with Pilita González by Patxi Pagasarri

growing bananas

A sharply-written, brilliant literary tale…

Set in 1980s Spain during the peak of Basque conflict, Pagasarri’s delightful latest beautifully captures the emotions of a teenager’s disquiet. Pilita González is a regular teenager with her insecurities, fears, and a feverish imagination. As if it weren’t bad enough that her parent’s relationship was constantly dwindling and she had a tormenting devil for a younger sister, her Basque identity had made her the target of school bullies. Pagasarri beautifully captures the average Basque’s turmoil in the face of the ongoing armed political conflict between the separatists and the government. His lean, sharp prose perfectly portrays the shifting disquiet of his teen protagonist’s mind as she struggles with issues of social, political, and personal identity. Andrei’s delightful love letters, the school bullies, and Pilitia’s quirky teenager-ish insights contribute to a story that is both engrossing and delightful. A tale that will leave a lasting note on readers’ minds.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Growing Bananas with Pilita González

By Patxi Pagasarri

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Pub date May 21, 2020


Price $2.17 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.99 Paperback


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