The Witch Hunter General: The Death Stone Coven by Mace Berry

witch hunter general

A smart, gritty, and highly readable urban fantasy…

Berry masterfully blends the ancient witchcraft with a far-future in his excellent debut featuring a witch hunter general on the trail of powerful supernatural forces. When King Richard appointed Victor Cain as an Inquisitor General, the latter has no idea his new job would lead him to a path of personal misery and grief. Now two thousand years later, Victor is still alive with a curse of immortality, forever hunting dark forces. When a formidable enemy comes out of shadows, Victor gets the chance to put old scores straight. Berry’s adeptness at simultaneously injecting action and humor into the tense situations make for a lighthearted read. The plot is constructed masterfully, and Victor’s team of misfits with their daring exploits will linger in readers’ memory. With the book’s richly imagined far-future, clever storyline, and twisted paranormal forces, Berry has proved that writing witch-hunting is his specialty.


The Witch Hunter General

The Death Stone Coven

By Mace Berry

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Pub date October 13, 2019

ISBN 9780578618555

Price $12.36 (USD) Paperback, $4.64 Kindle edition


Categories: Short Reviews, Urban fantasy

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