The Loneliness of the Deep Space Cargoist (The Cargoist Book 1) by JS Carter Gilson

lonliness of the deep space cargoist

A dazzling debut…

Rich in sumptuous detail despite its economical prose, Gilson’s fascinating debut tells the story of a space cargoist who after her ship’s collision with space debris finds a worst fate awaits her than a lonely death in the cold vacuum of space if she fails to deliver the precious cargo her ship is carrying. When Inez Stanton started working as a cargoist, the rigger who flies a space ship to ferry all kinds of cargos across space, she has nothing else but freedom on her mind. But an accident in space not only leaves her struggling for survival but also brings her face to face with a harsh reality. Despite an occasional lapse into over-the-top nitty gritty of space technology, space opera fans should thrill at Inez’s horrendous journey of trying to steer her damaged ship to safety, the wonderfully crisp prose, the intelligent plotting, and the topnotch characterization. Sinful to miss, especially if you’re a sci-fi buff.


The Loneliness of the Deep Space Cargoist

(The Cargoist Book 1)

By JS Carter Gilson

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Jeffrey Gilson

Pub date May 26, 2020


Price $2.28 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.99 Paperback



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