Able Hands by Mark Cannon

able hands

An engrossing supernatural thriller…

In his debut, Cannon blends supernatural with thriller elements in this captivating supernatural-part thriller tale and provides a glimpse into the good as well as the shadowy, disturbing, and morally unscrupulous world of evil. From a very young age, Jacob O’Connell has his priorities set straight: a career he loves, a wife, kids, and a modest home. After making a successful career in construction, Jacob meets Sara, his long-lost childhood friend, and soon the couple marry. The life is almost perfect as the couple settles in their new home and the birth of their kids follows except for some blurred memories that keep making their presence known to Jacob. Meanwhile, an old nemesis of the couple returns to settle scores. Trying to find the answers to the mysteries of past, Jacob unravels a shocking secret that changes the meaning of everything in his life including his own identity. Now he must face his enemy and fulfil the purpose of his life or risking losing those he loves. Fancifully populated with the ghosts of ordinary people, guardians, angles and a supporting cast of endearing characters, the story takes its inspiration from the concept of the intermittent birth of guardian angels for the protection of some specific people in the world. Cannon nails the supernatural atmosphere, but too much emphasis on Jacob’s past halters the flow of the story. The narrative style that involves a series of flashbacks from the past merged with the present initially causes confusion in the reader’s mind, making it difficult to understand the exact happenings in the story. It’s only after the first half that the pace picks up as Cannon gradually brings all the loose ends together and ties them neatly: the plot quickens and thickens with the entry of the old nemesis of Jacob and Sara, and the tension builds as the search for Jacob’s past mysteries uncovers the real identity of the villain: this is when the story becomes most entertaining. The scrupulous portrayals of the secondary characters, especially the antagonist who comes out as a thoroughly sinister, malevolent villain is the biggest strength of Cannon’s writing. The twists and turns are in plenty, and the thriller part of the story is executed nicely. Cannon brings a new twist to the supernatural story of the good versus the evil. Lovers of supernatural thrillers will be delighted.

Able Hands

by Mark Cannon

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Pub date January 20, 2020

ISBN 978-1771803816

Price $14.87 (USD) Paperback, $5.71 Kindle edition

Categories: Paranormal/Supernatural

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  1. Your review is bang on. !!!!!
    I did read the book a while back and I found it hard too put down until I finished reading.
    In my opinion it is a excellent book.

    Liked by 1 person

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