Bioptas Calling: A Novel (Bioptas, #1) by Emily Jefford

bioptas calling

A thrilling debut…

Jefford makes her debut in science fiction with this first installment in the Bioptas series and brings a futuristic saga that pits an Inti guardian from Varav, who seeks to rescue the intergalactic princess, against Gosnadsa, the rebel that leads the fanatics from the League of Galaxias Unitas Pleiades. The life is fairly normal for Eartha in a small town in Eastern Tennessee until her best friend Eli reveals a shocking secret that changes the meaning of everything including her own identity. The endearing Eli with his eternal devotion for Eartha, the couple’s struggles with increasingly complex ethical dilemmas, an understated and yet poignant exploration of family ties and friendship; and aliens from different planets — all these things contribute to the success of the story. The intriguing world of Bioptas and its futuristic ways toward the ending will leave the reader excited for the next installment in the series.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Bioptas Calling: A Novel

(Bioptas, #1)

By Emily Jefford

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Pub date July 16, 2019


Price $1.01 (USD) Kindle edition, $17.65 Paperback


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