Concupiscent Consumption by LindaAnn LoSchiavo

concupiscent consumption


“Concupiscent Consumption” is a treatise on erotic sex…

In this brilliant collection of 18 erotic poems, LoSchiavo stuns with her depiction of romantic and erotic and the vagaries of love-making. The emotional snapshots of the young Italian protagonist feel overly familiar in “Pinch Kisses Ruined Me for Romance”. The unreservedly erotic “Undressing the Sky” offers its protagonist’s unapologetic perspective on the breadth of love-making. Sensually sweet “Invitation to a Kiss” explores the notions of many ways of kissing. The reader experiences the exhilarating roller coaster of love-making, as the protagonist traverses the rocky road of sadistic sex in the darkly sensual Petrarchan sonnet “My Dominatrix”. LoSchiavo has crafted a stunning collection from a series of everyday sensual adventures by delicately conveying her protagonists’ apprehensions, wants, and anticipations over sex. Throughout, LoSchiavo’s descriptive eye lends beauty and authenticity to this deep exploration of sensuality. This is a magnificent collection.


Concupiscent Consumption

By LindaAnn LoSchiavo

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Red Ferret Press

Pub date February 4, 2020

ISBN 9781948712477

Price $10 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Poetry, Short Reviews

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