War Between the Flames (The Rift Series Book 1) by Criss Velazquez

war between the flames

Dark and intriguing…

Velazquez debuts her urban fantasy series with this engrossing chiller where the world becomes pawn in the hands of Devil. Landon’s memories of his childhood are hazy except for his parents’ tragic death in an accident and staying at a Boys’ home afterward. But a mysterious stranger’s tempting job offer after his night shift at a bar not only sets Landon on a deadly path where the line between the hell and the heaven is fast dissolving, and the Devil is about to take control of the world but also reawaken his long-buried memories. The story starts on a slow note with confusing details, but the pace picks up soon and the nightmarish setting and intrinsic ambiguity keep the readers invested. The action is plenty once the major players: all the heroes and the villains come face to face, and the war scenes are sketched credibility. Fans of dark urban fantasy will be rewarded.


War Between the Flames

(The Rift Series Book 1)

By Criss Velazquez

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Pub date April 24, 2020


Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition


Categories: Short Reviews, Urban fantasy

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