Election Hacking in 2020: Will Your Choice for President Be Allowed to Win? by Sam Rockford

election hacking in 2020

A comprehensively researched and timely read in an election year…

Filled with examples of careful planning and execution strategies Russians have used to hack American elections, this dynamic study is highly informative. In an engaging and fast-paced manner Rockford provides significant insights into the major hacking and election-related issues of 2020. These include the serious risk of Russian hackers heavily influencing the result of the U.S. presidential election. Looking beyond familiar public events, Rockford shows the lives of key participants in these election-hacking episodes and enhances the experience with numerous photographs. Thoroughly researched, this work includes actual documents from the CIA, FBI, NSA, DEF CON and the Mueller Report in Part 2 of the book, supporting Rockford’s observations and conclusions. These include confirmation that Russian hackers helped Donald Trump win the presidency, and are already active in supporting his re-election. The work by Malcolm Nance, Seth Abramson and others in exposing foreign interference is recognized and updated by Rockford to show the actual events taking place in 2020. In doing this he delves into the intelligence operations of Russia and other foreign governments which could be a danger to U.S. elections. After assessing the amount of hacking exposure which exists in 2020, Rockford frankly explores the available countermeasures. He concludes that, while Congress may or may not act, there is much that can be done by individuals who are active in their own state or on social media. Rockford’s eye-opening assessment and call to action are enhanced by clear, accessible prose which makes for a convincing read.


Election Hacking in 2020: Will Your Choice for President Be Allowed to Win?

By Sam Rockford

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Cyber Publishing

Pub date April 29, 2020


Price $3.53 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.95 Paperback


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