Brimstone (The Metals Trilogy #1) by Justine Rosenberg



Brilliantly dark…

Spectacular tales of strange oceans and distant stars in a kingdom where souls are remade set the stage for Rosenberg’s feisty heroine’s trek to an unknown land in this debut installment in The Metals Trilogy. When Ava Sandrino, a disgraced member of knighthood, offered a temporary refuge to Sariel, a fugitive slave, she barely had any idea about the chaos her act would bring in its wake. On the verge of being tried for a trial for treason, Ava sets on a treacherous journey to the Northern Dark with her wraith companion. Rosenberg throws in an impressively large cast of characters in a few pages and manages to inject them all with a heavy dose of credibility and profound emotions. Her wraiths and other non-human characters are as humane as her human characters. Although overly economical on prose, Rosenberg’s tale sizzles with action and occult thrills. A must read for fans of steampunk.



(The Metals Trilogy #1)

By Justine Rosenberg

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Pub date October 24, 2019


Price $2.12 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.86 Paperback


Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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