Queen of Swords (A Stone Wielder’s Legacy Trilogy, #1) by Karelynn A. Spacek

queen of swords

An intriguing read…

Merging elements of a fantasy world into an urban setting, Spacek’s debut takes readers on a thrilling journey. The aspiring archer Ivyssa has just taken the command of Azulyria as its ruler when an accident sets things in motion that see the kingdom lost to the world. Decades later, a tragedy brings the ex-FBI profiler Alexandra Nealy and Jared, a Stone Walker, together, and they set on to find the truth about Azulyria’s disappearance. The book starts on a leisurely note with the first part reading like a fragment of a larger story, but it picks the pace soon after as Alexandra makes her entry. The setting of Azulyria is compelling and filled with mystery and intrigue. The hint of spark between Alexandra and Jared will fuel readers’ fervor for the next installment. Rift with tension, this engrossing tale will please urban fantasy fans.


Queen of Swords

(A Stone Wielder’s Legacy Trilogy, #1)

By Karelynn A. Spacek

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Pub date May 5, 2020

ISBN 9798630009722

Price $18.99 (USD) Paperback, $7.15 (USD) Kindle edition


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