The Faerie Princess (The Faerie Court) by Monica Williams

the faeire princess

A perfectly addictive read…

Williams’s debut is a meticulously plotted story featuring a fantastically feisty heroine, an elegant prose and layered narrative. Staying away from the forest around her house has always been part of Marika’s upbringing, but all that changes when her father’s sudden death dares her to explore the enchanting woods outside. There she’s kidnapped by a mysterious stranger and transported to a hidden Faerie court. An ancient prophecy reveals Marika is the long-lost princess of the Faerie realm, but adjusting to the new life, forgetting her home, her mother is not the only worry for Marika. The forever foes of the Faeries kingdom, the Shapeshifters, want Marika for their own ulterior motive. Williams imagines a mix of contemporary and traditional world, wherein Faeries can destroy humans merely with their touch and are ruled under a dated reign, a system Williams’s heroine intends to change. The action moves swiftly, as does the romance. In Marika, readers get to see an incredibly fierce heroine, who’s never afraid to test new boundaries. The other characters sort of fade away in front of Marika’s shine, but still are hefty on depth and development. The urban fantasy readers with an appetite for something meatier will welcome William’s layered narrative mixed with never-ending twists that keep the suspense ripe and tension high. Smartly written with believable characters, a tight plot, and atmospheric setting, this is a must-read urban fantasy drama. Readers will eagerly wait for the next installment.

NOTE: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.


The Faerie Princess

(The Faerie Court)

By Monica Williams

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Pub date April 11. 2020

ISBN 9798636310884

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.01 Kindle edition

Categories: Urban fantasy

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